AI powerered work categorisation

AI powered work categorisation to remove the busy work of project management so you can concentrate on deep work.

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Focus on the task in hand

Don't worry about the busy work of managing projects. Prise is quietly doing that work in the background for you.

  • Concentrate on doing your best work
  • Your projects are automatically organised
  • Increase your time for deep work

Categorisation chart

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Manage the chaos of project management

Prise takes care of a lot of the admin work of project management so you can concentrate on doing your real work.

  • Stop projects becoming stale
  • Improve company-wide communication
  • Get projects completed in record time

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Feel more organised

Feel less stressed and more grounded knowing that you have your own AI powered project manager working to ensure your projects run smoothly.

  • Nothing gets left undone
  • Regain control of your work
  • Make better decisions

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